A Go Go dancer is a delicious attraction, and sometimes even the main showpiece in unusual circumstances such as a stag party or corporate event. I work at all kinds of private and open events in Warsaw, adjusting the repertoire to the requirements and needs of the audience.

Go Go Dancer in Warsaw


For several years I worked as a Go Go dancer and stripper on the stages of the best Warsaw nightclubs, visited by men from all over the world. I have also appeared in strip clubs far beyond Poland. Each of my Go Go dance displays or private shows in VIP rooms was a different story, depending on the predilections of the audience or private observer. In my performances, striptease is not just throwing off clothes – in dancing I surrender as much to the music and rhythm of my own body as your visions, images, and longings hidden in the deepest depths of dreams and unfulfilled fascination. It is this particular flirtation between the Go Go dancer and the broader audience or a single gentleman that creates the ultimate test of an authentic erotic show. The striptease is only the proverbial icing on the cake.



Lap dancing is the domain of theatre and tricks. The space creates an exciting atmosphere, and there is no room for falseness and artificiality. So you're asking, what kind of story can a stripper tell on a Go Go club stage or during a private dance on a bachelor's or striptease lover's lap? Of course it can be about eroticism, sex, passion, hidden desires, fetishes and the strangest sexual fantasies. But also about their own emotions and experiences, without which there is no professional dance lap dance or real striptease. For you, I will open up a world full of passion and sensual pleasure. But remember that even the most dazzling show will inevitably be extinguished when there is no shadow of mystery. The aura of understatement, secret and riddle envelopes my feline moves, and it accompanies me in the light of the spotlights as well as in the modest comfort of your living room. You will be wondering about how good a puzzle I am, and trying to unravel it will drive you out of your mind.

Pole dance striptease


If you enjoy sophisticated acrobatics and fantastic body lines that contradict the laws of gravity, choose a dizzying show of strength and flexibility – an artistic pole striptease. I suggest a pole dance show, full of natural charm and yet sensual femininity. My performances are the quintessence of grace and sportiness with an admixture of sex. I will delight you with an amazing combination of erotic freedom and technical precision. Especially for you I will put on a Go Go dance show which will seduce every audience. A thrilling dance pole show performed by a professional stripper is sure to remain a treasured memory!

Exotic show

Are you looking for an unconventional synthesis of eroticism and sport? Then choose my favourite type of performance – an Exotic show! I propose a cosmic mix of erotic dance and fitness acrobatics, in which I present a flexible silhouette and female sex appeal. I'll dance on the pole topless or in a skimpy bikini in a stunningly sensual way, and the incredibly high heels on my slender legs spread in the splits will drive you crazy! I'll skilfully wrap myself around the pole with velvety feline movements and reveal my sculpted body in sexy positions, entwined in a fluid yet dynamic dance arrangement.

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