Pole Striptease

Do you adore slim Go Go dancers unveiling their naked body in the splits and amazing gymnastic figures? Would you like to admire their attractive shapes in a trusted circle of your best friends and in secrecy from the whole world? Choose male entertainment, or a professional pole dance striptease! I'd like to invite you to a private show of feline movements that only exclusive strippers in the best nightclubs in Warsaw can perform to seduce you with. In front of your eyes – naked or in a skimpy bikini – I will show you a sculpted body and stunning acrobatic tricks. By choosing a Striptease Pole dance, you can expect to see a subtle artist and an acrobatic dancer, and, at the same time, a strong woman who will delight you in discovering and appreciating the charms of eroticism. The Striptease Pole Dance presented in this natural and sensual way guarantees extraordinary sensations by introducing an element of tension and surprise. I offer erotic Go Go dances for a wider audience – tailored to the occasion and your preferences.

Exotic floorshow

An alternative proposition for lovers of innocent harmony – an exciting combination of fluency and dynamics in the form of a sensual dance on the floor. The exotic floorshow doesn't require unnecessary props – just a bit of free space and a slim dancer dressed in sky-high heels! My Exotic show is an original fusion of contemporary dance and striptease. An artistic variation on an erotic theme for various types of circumstances. A sensual show of unhurried and lingering movements – a dazzling performance by a gymnastic Go Go dancer from Warsaw. If you rely on my creativity and trust my intuition, I will bring a breath of fresh air to any business meeting or free-ranging social event and give it avant-garde style. A supple nude model and professional stripper in high heels, who will wrap you around with her nimble body like exotic ivy, or twist like a siren on the ocean waves, is an elusive temptation you cannot resist – surrender and let her seduce you!


This choreographic interpretation of the Spanish lullaby based on F.G. Lorca's poem is unique and unparalleled in the Warsaw nightclub repertoire. It will be appreciated by connoisseurs of erotic dance and mature men of class who are sensitive to mystery and open to the richness of aesthetic experience. I offer them an amazing spectacle in which the aura of sexual passion connects with authentic art. A real Andalusian sensual dance in which fiery gestures express the richness of moods and the full colour of emotions, and accentuate the lyrical character of the performance. A hot stripper, swinging her hips in a tight red dress will awaken your imagination and raise the temperature of the meeting by mobilizing your companions. This erotic flamenco show is especially for gentlemen of refined tastes. If you have tact, intellect and a sense of beauty – the three essential qualities that make a man of high quality – I will gladly raise the hem of my Andalusian mystery for you!

Erotic show

Are you celebrating your company's success with a partner? Experience the essence of femininity! Choose an intriguing chair dance performed by the best stripper in Warsaw. Take a look at my expressive topless dance – not only for bachelor parties. Striptease classics with a touch of extravagance will perfectly suit you as an attraction for business meetings or events for which an erotic show is typical – a delectable show performed by a professional Go Go dancer. If you are a gentlemen choose the discreet charm of the classics, but not without a teasing eroticism. Do you remember Demi Moore in the cult movie "Striptease"? – no less a dose of emotion can be within arm's reach.

Lap dance & Striptease

A comprehensive striptease for stag parties and exclusive men's meetings is a key item in my repertoire! As an experienced stripper I will meet your expectations. I will bear your sensitivity, longings and dreams in mind, and if you wish, I will lead you into the magical regions of erotic theatre. I will embody a bachelor's fantasies or surprise him as a Go Go dancer with the figure of a Playboy model in a tempting bunny costume. I will gradually build tension and with supple grace remove each next piece of clothing, sensually moving my body in your favourite rhythm. I will seductively wiggle my hips on the lap of the future groom and present unforgettable, piquant tricks. Expect that my erotic show and the hottest Lap Dance and Striptease in the capital will provide you with unconventional entertainment and unforgettable pleasure which you won't find in any Go Go clubs in Warsaw. I guarantee that with my dance will enliven more than just the Groom!

Ela is an outstanding dancer, but above all a fascinating woman and a unique personality. And her striptease... Wow, she really knows how and enjoys doing it!
Wiktor, 36 years old.
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If you are interested in Warsaw nightlife and you are looking for spicy entertainment or a creative Go Go dancer for a stag party in the capital of Poland, contact me and order a lap dance for the groom and striptease for invited guests performed by a professional!