Love is capricious, and success in business is often decided by accident. Unimaginable ups and downs are common in the Warsaw world of business. Are you looking for an exotic dancer for a private show because you want to get away from your daily routine by exploring the meanders of eroticism? You have enough tedious commitments, but you are a perfectionist and like to have a situation under control without risk? Although I can be crazy and spontaneous, I fully share your principles and I won't put them to the test. In view of this, one thing is certain – the full professionalism of my rich offer in striptease will guarantee your satisfaction!

Go Go dancer in your apartment


If you are inspired by feminine shapes and are not intimidated by bold gymnastics performed by a professional by a Go Go dancer and fitness model, choose the exquisite choreography of an Exotic floorshow – an original marriage of modern dance and striptease which doesn't use a pole. Especially for you, I will give a performance in an unprudish bikini or dressed only in sky high heels. I offer private Go Go dance shows which will seduce you and your companions. This is also for a small group of experienced men who are not easy to arouse. An erotic theatre for demanding aesthetes with special preferences or particular inclinations. At your whim, I will bring champagne and offer it to guests in a surprising manner, I'll feed the atmosphere of exclusive entertainment at a corporate integration event.

Special tricks from a Gentelmen's clubs

Mistress of seduction

I'm not a top model or Playboy star. But I can attract not just with my body, but also a colourful array of hidden talents. I gained experience and discernment in the art of seduction while working in exclusive Gentlemen's clubs. Trust my brilliant intelligence, and panache full of inventiveness. As a professional Go Go dancer, performing in the best strip clubs in Warsaw and abroad, I know my stuff. In an atmosphere of elite entertainment for gentlemen, I lead a sublime game between body, mind, and desire.

Lap dance & Striptease

During a striptease I always make great contact with the audience and I sense their needs and reactions. Although a professional Go Go show requires me to think in advance and prepare the arrangement, I have an exceptional rapport with the audience. This spontaneous resonance with my viewers fills me with positive energy, which results in my inexhaustible gift to my auditorium. Your active approval and sincere appreciation enrich my striptease. Regardless of where and for whom I am dancing, I always do so with an eye on the individual preferences and appetite of the customer. You are my lap dance partner. At this moment, the world beyond us does not exist.

Private show

Chair dance

The chair dance refers to the immortal classic of erotic dance, so it also requires no small amount of perfection in performance. In order not to disappoint your expectations, I have developed not only a supple body, but also a sharp mind. I have thoroughly explored the secrets of erotic art and literature – during my studies at one of the faculties of the humanities in Warsaw, where I enjoyed a reputation as a controversial but creative student. In order to transform theory into practice, soon after graduation I mastered the intricate arcana of stage play. To my exotic beauty, innate musicality, and natural predispositions of body and character, I added an impeccable technique. I won it by disciplined work in the ballet room and regular fitness training to make my body lithe and free of any restrictions. I'll start wearing a white shirt and black stockings, with my hair loose, and I'll end up topless or naked. Especially for you I'll give an exciting striptease as a private show – perfectly suited for a business meeting or private social event.

Dancer at the best strip clubs in Warsaw

Attractions of Warsaw's nightlife

As a passionate erotic dancer, I have been steadily working on my skills and have accomplished much – I will show you how far the infinite potential of the artistic and sporting fields of professional stripping is either in a strip club or a private apartment. All those who have seen my performances so far – including the glamorous admirers of nightlife and striptease enthusiasts watching Playboy models, Go Go dancers and talented girls in the best strip clubs from Warsaw, Poland and all over the world – have succumbed to the challenge of my expressive power and amazing sexual energy. In addition, they have highlighted the unforced personal charm and genuine commitment that I constantly put into every private show. I believe that you'll appreciate me too. This will be the greatest compliment to me!

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