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Two different things wanteth the true man: danger and diversion. Therefore wanteth he woman, as the most dangerous plaything.
Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra

Striptease for a stag party in Warsaw


Are you looking for a beautiful woman from Warsaw who can make sure the stag night you organise will live long in the memories of all the participants? Then you need an erotic dancer – a professional with the figure of a fitness model, performing a sophisticated striptease combined with a captivating Go Go dance. Don't delay – get the best stripper in town!

Professional stripper

I am capable of enchanting you and your companions from the first moment of our meeting. I go beyond the Warsaw average, offering acrobatic feats and sexy body shapes. An electrifying show of strength and flexibility in feline moves is the essence of my repertoire, which I offer as Go Go dancer and stripper. The lap dance and striptease I perform for stag nights is full of subtle grace, or if you prefer, dissolute eroticism.

Ela is an outstanding stripper. She's a true goddess of dance. A woman so hot that I sweat at the thought of her performances.
Marek, 32 years old

Go Go Dance Instructor

By day I am involved in sports. I work in one of the fitness clubs in Warsaw as a qualified Strong First personal trainer and a licensed Pole Dance Instructor. I conduct erotic dance classes for women interested in shaping their profile sculpture and sensual movement in high heels. My love of dance has grown from an early age, when I attended ballet classes, and travelling to Andalusia for inspiration in flamenco. My first pole dance teacher was a famous Polish National Ballet Soloist. I practised my sporting and acrobatic skills as a student of the first Polish Pole Dance Champion. I participated in contemporary dance, Go Go, and exotic pole dance training with such outstanding dancers and choreographers as Karolina Kroczak, Marlo Fisken, Ekaterina Rodionova, Daria Chebotova, Nina Kozub, Sasha (Aleksandra) Meow, Eva Bembo, and Kaya Blum.

If you're looking for an acrobat full of crazy ideas and initiatives and paradoxical subtlety in a strong display of eroticism, you've come to the right place!Łukasz, 28 years old

Warsaw nightlife – Lap dance and striptease at Go Go club


Stripper on stage

What can I say, I'm not a debutante! I have taken part in the International Pole Dance Cup competition during Men's Day in Warsaw, the 1st Pole Dance Championships in Poland (2012), the Flamenco Festival in Łódź and numerous prestigious sports events including the Pole Dance Show Contest during the Combat Sports Tournament. I have worked as a dancer and stripper at Go Go clubs in Warsaw – my enigmatic character and daring shows are still legend in the best nightclubs in the capital. My fitness model figure and the experience I gained from working on the Go Go stage have been appreciated by filmmakers. I appeared as a stripper in the full-length Polish-Dutch production "Between words" directed by Urszula Antoniak, and several TVN and HBO series. I played the supporting role of Go Go dancer in 4 episodes of the series "Blinded by the Light" based on the prose of Jakub Żulczyk, directed by Krzysztof Skonieczny.

Lap dance

I add diversity to all kinds of events. Although it may be unbelievable, I can dance in a limo or on the stern of a ship. Imagine a hot lap dance in a Hummer plush couch, or a sensual striptease for a groom-to-be in a rocking cabin drifting with the lazy current of the Vistula River. And then a bath of champagne sparkling on my body with the light of the sun coming from behind the side... This is one of the many unconventional options recommended for striptease and Go Go connoisseurs in Warsaw.

Striptease in Playboy


I have posed as a fitness photomodel for the MAX Models agency and as a nude model during photography workshops. Numerous photo shoots by outstanding photographers have resulted in my nudes being awarded prizes in the Fotoerotica competition organized by Playboy magazine. I have sculpted my delightful figure, which will make my striptease at a stag party or male gathering an unforgettable experience, with you and your preferences in mind.
Being open to the suggestions from the other side of the lens, as a stripper model I often suggest the shots that will best express my experience of the body as an erotic subject from the perspective of male fantasies. That's why I am of the opinion that by creating an artistic nude, the model works with the photographer in a similar way to a dancer who performs a striptease in front of a viewer.

I've seen Ela in action! She's a snake not a woman! Although she was clothed it was quite tight fitting, so I can vouch for her figure as well as the artistry and eroticism of her dance. Anyone who gets to meet Ela, would give a lot for her! :)
Jan Hartman

Go Go Dancer in Warsaw


With my performances I colour more than just stag nights. As a versatile Go Go dancer – experienced at Gentleman's Clubs – I offer lap dances and striptease at private men's events, or professional artistic shows at ceremonial [corporate / business] meetings. I appear as a stripper in restaurants, nightclubs and paintball halls or rented apartments and hotel rooms – I just need a modest piece of flooring to provide you with saucy entertainment in Warsaw!
I am constantly expanding my repertoire of performances and improving my skills as an attraction for tourists wishing to experience Warsaw's nightlife. In every striptease, especially lap dances for stags, I engage my entire self – not only my body, but my heart and soul, too.

Don't hesitate even for a moment! Believe me – you won't regret it. Ela is a rarely met stripper with class.
Remigiusz, 53 years old

If you are looking for a stripper and at the same time an intriguing woman with character, who will delight your co-participants – get in touch with me!

As a private Go Go dancer, who is well-versed in the art of seduction and giving pleasure to the eyes, I offer lap dance and striptease at the highest level of craftsmanship, which you won't find in any nightclub in Warsaw.


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